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Dorko Visits Doc on His Birthday by dorko4u
Dorko Visits Doc on His Birthday
Yeaaah! Happy birthday, man! Keep up the fun comics.

Goodness, it was fun to do one of these again. And I tried to copy Doc's style of sprite comic too! Luckily the text boxes weren't as different as I thought they were, or at least that's how it turned out. You may have already noticed, but I actually tinkered with the dorko sprites to make two new poses! One sprite only required me swapping heads, but I had to make arms for the other one. What a nightmare! It could be better, but hey, it's good enough for me comic!

I have no idea where these guys are. Uh, happy star land? I grabbed some background from Mario Party Advance. I was desperate with no particular background ideas!

Somethin' don't feel quite right to me uploading a sprite comic here, but ah well, no harm done. Probably.
Attack of the Syphers! by dorko4u
Attack of the Syphers!
Watch out! They have laser eyes!!

And so, a happy birthday to Sypher. Let us hope he shows us mercy.
Paper Mandew by dorko4u
Paper Mandew
Now this was fun to put together! I got tired of making the background so there's not too much going back there, but I think it all comes together nicely. I imitated some of Mandew's older drawings to create this nice scribbly papery thing going on. Great success, I think!

Uh, I didn't put much thought into the partner. I wanted a Goombario onigiri, and then I wanted to put something on its face. I imagine his name would be something like Onilarry. I'm sure this character would be scrapped if there was to be an actual Paper Mandew, haha!

Spike onigiris are already in Mandew games, but I had to think of something for a flying one. Instead of wings, I thought I'd give it a Faltzite hat. Genius, amirite?

Happy birthday, Dewman.
'dorko4u and MG's bromance' by dorko4u
'dorko4u and MG's bromance'
Yoshio's true feelings revealed! I'm sure he perfectly reenacts scenes from Space Balls all the time. Well, OK, there may be one line missing, but it's fine.

Yoshio and I did an art trade kind of thing because I am the master of good ideas. It was fun to draw this up and ruthlessly use copypasting!

Tumblr post here:…


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may upload something eventually
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United States
I draw a koopa with an afro. Is all you need to know.
  • Listening to: Node Wrestling by J.G. Thirlwell
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  • Eating: Pizza Rolls
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Hm, I've never done one of these journal thingies before. I figured I could answer the questions :iconmegafire800: posted, but I don't have ten people to tag. Instead of wasting time, I figured I'd just answer the questions and defy the original rules, heh.

Q. What's your favorite video game?
A. I have a lot of fond memories of Sonic Adventure, and I really like that game as a whole, flaws and all. If I wanted to make myself look less pathetic, I'd say Super Mario Galaxy 2 instead.

Q. What's your favorite animal?
A. Before I change my mind, I'll say it's the ape. I always love seeing apes as characters in fiction.

Q. Do you own any pets? If so what are they and what are their names?
A. I currently have one cat and two dogs. The cat is named Sugar, and the dogs are Cookie and Hannah.

Q. When was your favorite time of like, like age range wise
A. I'm going to need a translator on this one. The happiest time of my life? Not sure if I can really say. I'm pretty darn happy right now, aside from worrying about the future.

Q. What do you do to feel happy when you're down?
A. Distract myself. Music, video games, cartoons, etc.

Q. Who would you say is an idol to you?
A. I have several choices, but the best option is my own dad.

Q. Mario or Luigi?
A. A parent doesn't choose their favorite kid, and I'm not going to pick my favorite brother. Er, unrelated video game brother.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A. With money and buying things I want to have. And also friends and family, preferably. But I don't want to get too excited here.

Q. In your life, who are you afraid to lose the most?
A. Everyone. Don't make me choose.

Q. What is your opinion on fanart?
A. I think it's great! You can find well done pieces, including interesting variations on a character you adore. I like seeing a cowboy Big the Cat or a hideously exaggerated Wario. Heck, my favorites show all the fanart I like.

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